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My favorite rosés-- Tried & True

It's no secret that I LOVE ROSÉ! So obviously I have to celebrate national rosé day which is celebrated the second Saturday in June (Today!). Rosé is such an easy to drink versatile wine, I love it year round but especially in the summer. It pairs so well with summer fruits, fresh salads, seafood and bbq. I wanted to share a few of my favorite rosés at different price points.

Some rosé fun facts:

  • Rosé is one of the oldest types of wine. It dates back to 600 B.C.

  • Rosé ranges from light blush to deep pink-- all depending on how long the grapes were left to soak with their skins after being juiced

  • The majority of rosé is produced in Provence, France but it can be made all over the world.

  • The perfect temperature to drink rosé is just around 50 degrees F.

My favorite rosé under $10

Name: Moonlight & Roses

Region: Provence

Price: $9.99

So I'll confess-- I initially picked up Moonlight Roses because I thought the bottle was pretty! But is has since become one of my go-tos every time I make a run to Trader Joe's. It has floral and citrus notes but is very soft and tame, definitely a great rosé for under $10.

My favorite rosé under $20

Name: Summer Water Rosé

Region: California

Price: $19.99

One of my favorite things about my Winc subscription is that it ensures I always have a few bottles of Summer Water Rosé on hand. This one is more fruit forward than floral with strawberry and grapefruit notes and a crisp finish. It's tasty, easy to drink and approachable for all palettes.

My (other) favorite rosé under $20

Name: Cote des Roses Rosé

Region: Provence

Price: $18.99

Since the Under $20 is a popular price bracket I wanted to share my other favorite rosé at this price point. My friend Kaitlyn owns Board & Graze charcuterie company and knows her stuff when it comes to cheese & wine. She introduced me to this rosé and I immediately fell in love. To me this is the epitome of a rosé-- it is floral heavy with rose notes, a hint of grapefruit and is very fresh and full. Plus the bottle is unique & elegant, it looks so pretty.

My favorite rosé under $100

Name: Veuve Clicquot Rosé Champage

Region: Champagne

Price: $70

Okay this one might be cheating because it is a rosé champagne hybrid but I had to share one of my favorite splurge-worthy #treatyoself rosés. It has grapefruit and some bittersweet notes accompanied by bubbles. Perfect for celebrating as well as gifting.

Honorable mention-- another rosé under $10

Name: Opaline Pinot Noir Brut Rosé


Price: $7.99

I recently picked this one up at Trader Joe's when they were out of Moonlight Roses. The sales associate at TJ's sold me on it and it was less than $10 so I figured I'd try it (hello! market research!). I was pleasantly surprised with how much I liked this one. It is dry and bold-- definitely get the pinot, but the bubbles make it light. Since this was a recent buy I can't say it's a go-to just yet, but I will be reaching for it again, can't be the taste for the price & the bottle is so pretty!

So enjoy rosé day & if you try any (or all) of my picks please let me know!



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